Progressive Human Resources, Management & Leadership


Affirmative Action Plans

Prepared initial plans, monitored compliance and composed annual updates to Affirmative Action Plans for various private-sector clients in the fields of consulting, accounting, banking, technology, law, and retail.

Employee Handbooks

Handbook recently completed for 100 employee not-for-profit agency.  Components of the project included interviewing leadership, department managers and key employees regarding policies, practices and desired outcomes.  Final product was an electronic handbook accessible by all employees at all 17 locations.

Created the initial employee handbook for a rapidly growing technology company with 50 employees.  The resulting handbook memorialized the company culture, policies and expectations for success.

Internal Investigations

Investigated complaint of alleged misappropriation of funds by executive of not-for-profit, Florida-based agency.  Complainant was an attorney employed by the agency.

Investigated complaint by sales representative alleging ADA violations committed by sales manager.

Investigated complaint alleged violation of restrictive clauses in employment agreement.  Employee was a resident of New York State.  Employer was Florida based.

Investigated complaint of alleged racial and national origin discrimination, retaliation and violation of whistleblower protection for an accounting department of 40 employees.

Investigated complaint of alleged gender discrimination against male supervisor where complainant was also male.

Investigated complaint of adverse impact on minority individuals allegedly brought about by operations manager’s biased employment decisions.

Investigated complaint of alleged gender and national origin discrimination against female supervisor where complainant was male.

Investigated complaint of alleged age and gender discrimination by senior member of professional organization.

Investigated complaint by legal intern of alleged sexual harassment by senior partner of law firm.

Investigated complaint by employee of consulting firm alleging sexual harassment by employee of copier-repair company.

Investigated complaint alleging national origin discrimination by coworker in open-office environment.

Professional Development/Training

Anti-discrimination and harassment training performed for dozens of clients annually for both employees and supervisors.

Federally-mandated hiring practices taught to various federal contractors and non-profit recipients of federal dollars.

Climate Analysis

Conducted internal climate analysis for Florida for-profit provider of fee-based municipal services.  Client, comprised primarily of semi-skilled laborers, had 200 employees in three locations.  Until just prior to the study, the employer had experienced minimal turnover.  Recent employee exits prompted management to conduct the study which revealed an easily-corrected, single source of employee disgruntlement.

HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing assignments for organizations include:  initiation of human resources departments, creation of benefits administration systems and development of financial and management reporting systems.


Conducted compensation and classification study for 100-employee private-sector technology firm.  In this study, commissioned following excessive turnover, forty primary positions were reviewed and recommendations for updated salary ranges and position classifications provided.

A job analysis of 68 positions was conducted for a statewide professional association.  Since most of these positions were very specialized and there was little opportunity for promotion, broadbanding was recommended to allow for more flexibility in pay increases and career growth without position advancement.

Conducted performance review and evaluation of executive on behalf of board of directors of statewide not-for-profit agency.

Conducted extensive internal review of administrative and operational practices and procedures for 500,000-member, not-for-profit conservation organization.

Investigated claim and adverse employment action and provided client representation at unemployment claims appeal hearing.

Provided litigation support and acted as liaison to legal counsel in representing clients in various employment law claims and suits.