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Affirmative Action Plans

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires written Affirmative Action Plans for recipients of federal contracts of $50,000 or more who also have 50 or more employees. Other Executive Orders may also apply to employers who do business with governmental agencies. In the absence of a required Affirmative Action Plan, employers risk debarment, fines and penalties. We can assist your organization to determine the requisite compliance level and work with you to meet the obligations required by the OFCCP.

Employee Handbooks

When properly designed, employee handbooks are outstanding tools to perpetually communicate policies and procedures. Effective employee relations, productivity and organizational image depend on clearly communicated work rules. In addition, handbooks are a great resource for organizational history, culture and employee/employer expectations. Our team can review and enhance your existing handbook or work with you to create a handbook tailored to your organizational needs.

Internal Investigations

Even in the most legally compliant organization, employee complaints may arise. Our team can manage the investigation process in a thorough, impartial and prompt manner. Further, working with your management team, we can oversee the implementation of any required corrective action and assist in the consistent execution of employment policies and procedures.

Professional Development/Training

Employee and manager training in leadership, management skills, and compliance is at the hub of our service offering. We provide face-to-face and web-based training for thousands of employees and managers each year. Training improves employee performance. Improved performance enhances the bottom line. Our training programs are unique to you. Each is customized to address your specific needs.

Climate Analysis

The success of any organization is dependent on the loyalty and engagement of its employees. Regularly administered climate analyses provide management with insight into employee satisfaction and employee-recommended enhancements. Our team will customize the survey instrument to address your specific concerns and provide an in-depth analysis of the survey results complete with commendations for best practices and recommendations for modifications.

HR Outsourcing

The actions or lack of action by a human resources department can have significant impact on the entire organization. We offer comprehensive outsourcing for small to medium sized organizations. Services provided include applicant screening, hiring, on-boarding, benefits administration, health and safety, compliance, policies administration, performance management, leave administration, compensation reviews and terminations. Each of these services is provided within the parameters of your organizational culture while working closely with senior management to achieve desired results.